With the rapid development of the company's business, we decided to 

carry out a large-scale factory relocation. This is not only a geographical 

transfer, but also our relentless pursuit of efficiency and quality.

11 Dec 2021

   動土儀式  Ground breaking ceremony   

11 Nov 2022

封頂儀式  Ceremony of capping the roof   

02 Nov 2023

完工  Finished construction ↓


Factory relocation plan is on going ...

  凹凸紡織科技有限公司 於1987年在台灣成立,1995年在泉州建立製造基地,是台灣首家從台灣到大陸的行業龍頭,是專業的針織機械製造商。質量、技術和創新成就了凹凸。凹凸擁有200多名工程技術人員和技術熟練的員工,還擁有多台先進、高精度的加工設備。我們願意根據客戶的要求開發定制的針織機。主要生產大圓機、單圓機、雙圓機、橫機和無縫內衣機。我們也有自己的針筒廠。50多個產品,近400個不同型號,年生產各種高性能凹凸針織機千台,其中50%出口到東南亞、中東、北非、南美和歐洲市場。凹凸通過了ISO9001、歐洲CE等國際認證,被評為高新技術企業、受歡迎品牌產品企業、馳名商標企業、創新試點企業、產業星火技術創新中心等。


  Wellknit textile technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 1987 in Taiwan, and built the manufacturing base in Quanzhou from 1995, the first industry leader from Taiwan to the Mainland, it is a professional manufacturer of knitting machinery. Quality, technology and innovation complete WELLKNIT. WELLKNIT has more than 200 engineering and technical personnel and skilled staff, also have a number of advanced and high-precision processing equipments. We are willing to develop the customized knitting machines according to customer's request. WELLKNIT mainly produce circular knitting machines, single circular knitting machines, double circular knitting machines, flat knitting machines and seamless underwear machines. We also have our own cylinder factory. More than 50 products, and nearly 400 different models, in the manufacture of various high-performance WELLKNIT knitting machines thousand units annually, of which 50% are exported to the Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa, Southern America and European markets. WELLKNIT has passed the international certification of ISO9001, European CE and so on, and was rated the honorary titles of High-tech Enterprise, Famous Brand Product Enterprise, Well-known Trademark Enterprise,

Innovation Pilot Enterprise and Industrial Spark Technology Innovation Center and so on. WELLKNIT continues to introduce advanced technology and manufacturing equipments, adheres to the management philosophy of "customer first, quality first". With the quality guidance of "strict management, quality fist, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction" to improve products quality and service quality, Wellknit textile technology Co.,Ltd has become the ideal partner for textile customers both domestic and overseas.